Hydraulic structures terminology study

өндөр түрэлтийн боомт

large dam

высоконапорная плотина

A dam which is above 15 m in height, measured from the lowest part of the general foundation area to the top of dam; or a dam between 10 m to 15 m in height that satisfies at least one of the following, namely • the length of the crest is not less than 500 m; • the capacity of the reservoir formed by the dam is not less than one million cubic meters; • the largest flood discharge dealt with by the dam is not less than 2000 m3/s; • the dam has particularly challenging foundation problems; or • the dam is of unusual design.

Source Guidelines on Instrumentation on Large dams by Central Water Commission Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation Government of India, June 2017, p.74